A Home Scent for the Neurotic Nester

DIptyque Baies Diffuser_JNSQ My nesting neurosis has reached an OCD high point - I am now afraid of starting a fire. Fires from leaving the oven on, appliances plugged in, (thankfully my fireplace is non working) and now - burning candles. I love burning candles all over the house. Cross burning scents and even just a non scented votive to create ambiance especially at night time! I am a moth attracted to flame.

So with my new fear of fire, what is a candle lover to do? Reach for the age old fragrance diffuser - a great alternative to scent my home without evoking a neurotic fit, after all we burn candles to relax yes?

With Diptyque Baies being one of my favorite scents, I decide to try their somewhat new hourglass diffuser in the past as a gift, but never for myself so was so excited to finally have a good excuse to drop some cash on one - as they aren't cheap! At $150 you do get a gorgeous glass and black diffuser that is anything but an eye sore. The scent is very faint, not as strong as a candle - great for new babies and pregnant ladies with sensitive snouts. Refills are only $50 but this lasts for months when turned over four times a day, which is more than I have time to think about it. If anything I have a gorgeous new objetย in my house that scents when I choose.

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